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Travel Guideline: Top 7 Attractive Places Khagrachari

The God has inadvertently decorated the hilly district of Khagrachari (খাগড়াছড়ি). It can be distinguished by its unique characteristics. There is the diversity of the plains and tribal cultures of the vast plains— with the combination of Chengi and Maine valleys. Wherever the see you will find only the green fields. Thus the Khagrachari Hill District, surrounded by natural beauty and mystery, is the ideal place for nature lovers, adventure lovers or adventurers. It is located on the side of south-eastern Bangladesh under the Chittagong Hill Tracts— in the north, Tripura of India, Chittagong Hill Tracts district in the south, Mizoram state and Tripura state in the East and Chittagong district on the west. The diverse lifestyle and natural beauty of this district amaze everyone.

Khagrachari is an exquisitely beautifully landscaped area comprising hills, rivers, streams, lakes, and plains land. Among the notable sights and historical buildings of Khagrachari district are Alutila Cave, Rishang Fountain, Debotar Pukur, Horticulture Park, Teduchara Fountain, BDR Memorial, Mayabini Lake, Shantipur Forest Area, etc. It is  266 Km from Dhaka to Khagrachari and 112 Km from Chittagong.

Attractive Places Of Khagrachari

The total area of the Khagrachari Hill District is 2699.55 sq km. Let’s take a look at the sights of Khagrachari district.

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1) Toiduchora 4) Mahalchari lake 7) Richang Fountain
2) Alutilla 5) Centennial botanical tree 8) Vogoban Tila
3) Debota Purkur 6) Hill Agricultural Research Center 9) Manikchari Mang Rajbari10) Ramgarh Lake and Tea Garden

1) Toiduchora

Among the few attractive fountains in Bangladesh, Teduchara/Toiduchora in Khagrachari 1 and 2 are one of them. The enchanting fountain, located between the green hills and the jungles of the Dighinala Upazila of Khagrachari district, is named Teduchara. From Khagrachari to Teduchara you can go following 2 ways — Daginala and Shimanapara. Going among the Shimanapara will save a lot of time because tracking will be much less.

Toiduchhara Waterfalls Khagrachhari

2) Alutilla

The Alutila Hills is located at the entrance to the Khagrachari district. It is 7 km from the district headquarters and 5 km from the Tourist Motel. It is located in far away Matiranga Upazila. The entire Khagrachari town is visible from the top of the hill. The main attraction of the Alutilla tourist center is its mountain cave. The cave is 282 feet in length and it will take 15 minutes to pass from one side of the cave to the other.

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aulitila cave

3. Debota Purkur

It is a pond located at the top of the hill about 1000 feet above sea level, locally known as the Debota Pukur (Pond Of God). The pond is about 1600 feet in length and about 600 feet in width. It is located in Nunchari Tripura village on Khagrachari-Rangamati road. This village is 12 km from the tourist motel. And 5 km from Mychari.

debota pukur

4. Centennial Botanical Tree (Banyan Tree)

This ancient banyan tree in the area near Khedachara in Matiranga Upazila is not just a witness to history, it is an element of spectacular wonder. Trying to determine the age of this tree is absolutely futile. This tree is attractive to thousands of tourists on more than five acres of land.

old baniyan tree khagrachari

5. Richang Fountain

Among many fountains in Khagrachari, Richang Jhorna (Fountain) is attractive and interesting. It is about 100 feet high from the chest of the mountain, the water is falling down. The distance from the district headquarters to Alutila, a little west to the main road to the north, the distance to the fountain is about 115 km. The whole journey to the fountain is thrilling. On the way, the endless beauty of high-low green hills, shrubbery, nameless colored wildflowers takes anyone into a realm of imagination.

6. Hill Agricultural Research Center

From the Khagrachari district, there is an agricultural research center just 5 km from the city. Another time you will discover yourself again by seeing various species of birds, including fruit gardens, transparent waterways on both sides of the mountain, and at the top of the mountain. In the center, there is an immense lake that is naturally beautiful. Every day, hundreds of visitors come in the hope of diluting the greenery. The undisputed beautiful farm of the Agricultural Research Center has the power to amaze any tourist.

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7. Mayabini Lake

Mayabini Lake is located at Kangchairi Para of Bhai Bhanachahara in the Panchari Upazila of the Khagrachari Hill District. Khagrachari district is only 30 minutes away from the city, so there is no chance of worrying about security. The Mayabani Lake tourist center has been built on a 40 acre high-low hill with 15 acres of nature lake. The natural beauty of the mountains, the vast skies and the clear calm waters of the lake easily overwhelms the mind with pure joy. A resting place has been set up for tourists on the small beautiful island in the middle of Lake Mayabini. And there is a boat system for walking around the lake.

mayabini lake khagrachari

How To Go To Khagrachari:

Everyday, From Dhaka, numerous buses depart to Khagrachari. You can collect tickets from Saidabad, Kamalapur, Gabtali, Fakirapool, Kalabagan, and TT Paras. You can also come to Feni on a train and you can go to Khagrachari directly from here at a low cost. From Chittagong’s oxygen terminal you can also go to Khagrachari.

Where to stay:

There are many residential hotels in Khagrachari for tourists. You can stay in the tourist motel, there are Ziran Hotel, Hotel Sauli Subarno, Three Star Hotel, Hotel Lobiot.

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When traveling the fountain area, you must be careful as you can slip on slippery rocks. In that case,  you should keep non-slip shoes. The water in the pond or lake is very deep. So, those who do not know swimming will surely go down into the water. Or there may be a danger. Do not leave unused food, water bottles, plastic, etc, bring those waste along with you.

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